Important Note:

Team-RF  is currently in under development. However, to help finance the project Team RF is available for purchase at a highly discounted price. Clients will receive free upgrades up to the version 1.0 and will be able to influence in the development decisions.

We are currently working closely with mayor chart suppliers to support vector charts. However, currently Team-RF does not display charts. You will need a chart viewer for that.

If you own a small boat owner and want something more than just a chart viewer Team-RF is for you. Team-RF is being developed specifically for small sailboats: 18 to 40 ft and shorthanded crews. Team-RF will be a low-budget feature-rich application for the Macintosh, developed by sailors for sailors.

The Mac advantage. We know you really don’t enjoy the infamous “blue screen-of-death” and you don’t want to worry about the operating system’s “security features” asking unanswerable questions or blocking your apps while at the sea. You don’t really enjoy messing with USB port settings, virtual COM ports, drivers, or some other esoteric settings. What you want is a rock solid setup you don’t have to worry about during your trip. That is also what we found out the hard way and decided OS X was the only choice.

Shorthanded. Team-RF strives to give as much information as possible from within the main screen: no need to mess with little windows and information panes. All the information is readily visible in one view. Voice alerts will keep you informed when you cannot spare time to look at the screen.

Full featured. We know you don’t want to take your computer on-board just to see how it displays your instruments data. Team-RF is more than just an expensive instrument viewer. It will produce decision making information out of the raw data.

“Under way” design. We’ve also played with great software at home to plan a route but when it comes to doing anything useful under way there isn’t any product that is good enough to take onboard. The boat is moving, you probably need to work in unnatural positions, your fingers are salty and if shorthanded you probably don’t have that much time, yet the software expects you to perform “finger acrobatic feats” or insists on popping up little windows with annoying messages. Team-RF is designed to actually be used inside your small cabin while under way.

Laptop vs Mac Mini. You don’t really have a place to fix your laptop, and if you don’t it will fly away in the next tack.  Your hands are probably wet and salty, and your trackpad is not very happy about it. That is why we’ve designed Team-RF to work with a small touchscreen (obviously it will also work great in your laptop): no mouse, no trackpad, no keyboard, just your fingers.

We eat our own dog food. Yes, we actually use our own software in a small sailboat running off a Mac Mini with a 7” touchscreen connected to NMEA equipment in single or short handed regattas.  Team-RF is work-in-progress, but is good enough to be used and despite its laking of a chart viewer already is more useful than the chart viewers readily available.

Team RF is your ultimate sailmate.